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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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GOP Rep: Benghazi, Fast and Furious Connected to Obama FBI & DOJ Exposed In FISA Memo (AUDIO)

In an explosive interview with Breitbart Radio Wednesday, firebrand conservative Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) said Justice Department and FBI corruption, outlined in the FISA abuse memo, is connected to Obama-era scandals, such as Benghazi and Fast and Furious.

Credit: Breitbart News 

Partial transcript via Breitbart News:


“If you don’t think the [Operation] Fast and Furious—attacking the Second Amendment—along with Operation Choke Point, you know that sacred amendment that holds our government accountable and protection for all the other amendments, if you don’t think Benghazi and the lack of accountability when they knew something was going to come, if you don’t think that the IRS and the attacking of your adversaries financially, and the unmasking are unrelated things, think again,” Rep. Gosar told Breitbart News.

“You know, this previous administration—the Obama administration—micromanaged everything out of the White House. And I challenge people, remember the Syrian strikes that were actually handpicked and dictated by the president at that time. This gentleman was involved in everything. That’s where all this leads. When you look at the cover-up with the email scandal with Hillary Clinton, it gets—it should have pointed out exactly what we’ve been talking about, that this was the weaponization of our Justice Department not only to cover up for the previous administration and the wrongdoing and ills of them and those associated with them, but also to attack a sitting president—actually a candidate at the time, then president-elect and then a current, sitting president you know of an opposition party.”

If you thought the FISA abuse memo would be the sole report on FBI and Justice Department corruption, House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes may have a surprise.

According to Axios, the Committee could publish up to five more reports outlining “politically motivated “wrongdoing” across various agencies, including the FBI, the broader Justice Department, and the State Department.”

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York concluded his recent article summarizing the memo’s key FISA abuses by warning a new showdown between Republicans and Democrats could resurface when additional information is released.

Translation: the FISA memo could be the first of many memos exposing corruption at both the FBI and Justice Department.

York writes:

Finally, the memo released today does not represent the sum total of what House investigators have learned in their review of the FBI and Justice Department Trump-Russia investigation. That means the fight over the memo could be replayed in the future when the Intelligence Committee decides to release more information.

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