GOP Lawmaker Pushing to Subpoena Transcripts From FISA Court Hearings (VIDEO)

Media was set ablaze after the House Intelligence Committee released their classified FISA memo on Friday morning.

The FISA abuses are shocking. We found out disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said in a hearing in December 2017 but if not for Hillary’s dossier, the FBI would have never sought a FISA warrant on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

Rep. Louie Gohmer (R-TX) said he’s preparing a letter to send to Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) requesting the House Judiciary Committee subpoena transcripts from the FISA court hearings.

Rep Gohmert appeared on Fox News Sunday to talk about the FISA abuse memo which was released Friday. Gohmert also revealed he is requesting the House Judiciary Committee subpoena the FISA court hearing transcripts.

“I have prepared a letter that I plan to submit to and hopefully have other people sign on with me tomorrow on our Judiciary Committee we have a great Chairman [Bob Goodlatte] on our Judiciary Committee. He wants to get to the facts and what I’m asking him for is that we as the Judiciary Committee subpoena the transcripts from the FISA court hearings, the four different ones at least regarding the dossier…I want to hear everything that was said,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert wants to know why the FISA judge hasn’t put anyone in jail for committing a fraud against the court. Hint: The FISA judge was appointed by Obama.

FISA judges rotate and a FISA warrant must be renewed every 90 days. The fact that 4 different FISA warrants were issued using the dossier shows how corrupt the FBI, DOJ and FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) were under the Obama administration.


Rep Gohmert previously blasted the FISA judge and said that he, as a former judge would have put former FBI Director James Comey, outgoing Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr in prison for committing fraud against the court.

On Friday, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced it filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DOJ for all underlying FISA documents.

Rep DeSantis also called for the declassification of all FISA applications related to the dossier.

Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) nuked liberals screeching about the memo’s claim McCabe said the dossier played a central role to seeking and obtaining a FISA warrant.

Rep. Zeldin: “McCabe did in fact testify under oath that there would not have been a FISA warrant if not for the dossier. It was recorded.”

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