Freedom Caucus Chair Busts Adam Schiff and Democrats in Major Lie on Secret Memo

On Friday the White House announced President Trump would not approve the release of Democrat Adam Schiff’s House spin memo.

The president told Congress and Democrats they needed to clean it up and make changes before it is released to the public.

The FBI also weighed in and said Democrats had to clean up their highly partisan memo.

According to investigative reporter Sara Carter Rep. Adama Schiff purposely put “sources and methods” in his spin memo to force President Trump to make redactions.

As expected Democrats squealed all weekend about Trump blocking the release of their memo.

on Sunday morning Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows blew up all of the Democrat talking points on the memo.

Mark Meadows: Democrats keep complaining about their counter-memo not being released. But if it was so critical, why have 75% of House Dems not even read their own memo?

Perhaps even they know: this memo was written in panic as a misdirection from the disturbing information we already know.

Democrats also thought the release of the memo was so urgent that THEY DID NOT EVEN MEET this weekend to rewrite their tripe.

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