#FireScottIsrael Protest Tonight at Same Location as Sheriff Israel’s Fundraising Event

A #FireScottIsrael rally will be held Wednesday nignt in Davie, Florida at the same location Sheriff Israel will be featured as a guest speaker for a fundraising campaign.

Sheriff Israel has come under heave fire for the many failures of Broward County’s department which left 17 children and adults dead at a Parkland high school on Valentine’s Day.

Update: Sheriff Israel was a no-show! Coward!

Three Broward County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene but were standing outside the school.

The armed guard at the school hid under the staircase during the shooting.

On Monday night, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham revealed sources told her the Sheriff’s Dept instructed the Broward Deputies NOT to enter the school unless their body cameras were on. WOW.

Even worse, the police lost radio communications during the Parkland shooting.

Over SEVENTY-FIVE FLORIDA LAWMAKERS have now signed a letter asking the governor to remove Sheriff Israel.

On Monday, President Trump said he was disgusted by the inaction from the armed deputies on scene of the Parkland school shooting.

Retired NYPD and current reporter for Rebel Media, John Cardillo blasted the news out to his Twitter followers on Wednesday.

Cardillo said: ATTN S. FL: There will be a #FireScottIsrael rally tonight at the address below where Israel will be campaigning and trying to raise money in the wake of 17 dead innocents. If you’re in the area, stop by and make your voice heard.” Attached to Cardillo’s tweet is a flyer and the address.

Sheriff Israel was no-show!

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