FBI Changed Hillary’s Exoneration Letter – Switched “President” to “Senior Government Official” to Protect Obama

New Strzok-Page text messages reveal the FBI lovebirds were talking about Comey’s exoneration letter on June 30th 2016 which was one week before the fired FBI Director’s press conference announcing no criminal charges will be pursued against Hillary Clinton.

In the text exchange dated 6-30-2016, Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok reveals the FBI fiercely worked to distance Obama from Hillary’s email scandal.

Strzok told his mistress Lisa Page, “He [Comey?] changed ‘President’ to “another senior government official””.

Screenshot of Strzok-Page text exchange and Comey’s exoneration of Hillary via Lisa Mei Crowley:

As previously reported, Comey’s original draft stated, “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statute proscribing gross negligence in the handling of classified information and of the statute proscribing misdemeanor mishandling, my judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

It was then edited to remove “gross negligence” and “misdemeanor mishandling” to “potential violations of the statutes.”

Another very shocking revelation was that “hostile actors” likely gained access to Hillary Clinton’s private email which of course contained classified information.

Early Wednesday morning a new text message from corrupt FBI lovers and former Mueller investigators implicated former President Barack Obama as being involved in the Obamagate scandal.

Comey’s exoneration letter:

Comey’s Clinton letter draft by acohnthehill on Scribd