FAKE NEWS: Ted Cruz BUSTS CNN After Network Accuses Him of Being Afraid of Interview

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) punctured a large, gaping hole in claims made by CNN hosts Brian Stelter and Chris Cuomo, who accused the former Republican presidential candidate of being too afraid to be interviewed after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. 

Stelter kicked off the ordeal by tweeting a graphic that included Cruz as one of three lawmakers who the network claimed were too afraid to be interviewed.

Cruz shot back with, “Gosh, I seem to recall doing not 1, not 2, but THREE town hall debates w/ @BernieSanders on @CNN Each 90 min long. You can accuse me of many things, but being afraid of CNN is not one of them….”

Chris Cuomo then accused Cruz of failing to address gun violence.

“If Cruz thinks gun control improvement is not the answer, what is? Ask the question, Senator: what are we going to do to stop school shootings? Don’t just say what won’t work, work to find an answer!” tweeted Cuomo.

Here’s where the CNN host gets caught spreading fake news. Cruz did in fact offer up his solution to gun violence — to none other than CNN!

“That’s funny, I spoke to CNN for 15 mins yesterday about proactive solutions to prevent gun violence (like passing the Grassley-Cruz bill—which Dems filibustered—that would add $300 million for school safety) yet CNN has aired NONE of it. Why not air the (entire) interview?”

“Here’s a pic of the @CNN interview — a 15-min exclusive given yesterday — that y’all still haven’t aired… (While falsely claiming I’m “afraid” to talk to CNN.)”

Stelter, nor Cuomo have explained why Cruz’s interview has yet to air.


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