Fake News CNN Dope Chris Cuomo Savaged After Promoting Fake AR-15 Story

Very fake news CNN’s resident clown Chris Cuomo spread a fake AR-15 story and got absolutely savaged by Trump supporters.

Even better, Cuomo doubled down on the fake story after he got called out and heckled.

You can’t fix stupid.

Chris Cuomo retweeted an article about a 20-year-old who claimed he was able to buy an AR-15 even though his ID had expired. The author of the article never even purchased the firearm, he simply took a photo holding a rifle whilst walking around in the gun store.


The 20-year-old then admitted in his article that he never even finished filling out the proper paperwork to purchase the firearm nor did he even purchase the rifle.

After he walked me through the paperwork, all five pages of it, I told him I changed my mind and wanted to think more before I bought an AR-15. He told me it wasn’t a problem and listed the store hours if I wanted to come back. I then said thank you and walked back to my car.

Twitter user Chet Cannon called out Cuomo on Wednesday for promoting a false story about a 20-year-old who was able to buy an AR-15 in 5 minutes.

People pointed out that the 20-year-old never even purchased the AR-15 but that didn’t stop Cuomo from spreading lies in order to push the leftist gun control narrative.

Cuomo doubled down after being heckled and called out for spreading a false story.

Cuomo got slammed again by Trump supporters.


H/T Amber Athey of The Daily Caller

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