Sad. Facebook VP of Advertising Apologizes to Liberal Mob After Tweeting Truth About Russian Ads

On Friday, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that a grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals, along with 3 Russian entities, accused of “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton.”

The 37-page indictment was a big fat nothingburger.

The Vice President of Facebook ads, Rob Goldman unleashed on his Twitter account after Mueller’s indictment hit the wire.

Goldman slammed the fake news media’s coverage of Russia.

On Sunday Presdent Trump retweeted Rob Goldman’s tweets on the Russian witch hunt.

That prompted Goldman to backtrack on his comments.
The pressure from the Twitter mob was just too much. Goldman folded.

Via Conservative Treehouse:
After President Trump re-tweeted a discussion thread from Facebook VP of Ads Rob Goldman, which cited analysisdone last year of Russian ad purchases/engagement, the liberal hive instantly attacked the executive.

According to Wired.Com Rob Goldman quickly began apologizing for expressing “uncleared thoughts”, where those thoughts are actually based on facts – but run counter to the necessary liberal narrative – so they must be repelled at all costs.

This you have to read:

(Via Wired) On Friday morning, just before 10am on the West Coast, the office of special counsel Robert Mueller published his indictment of 13 Russian operatives for interfering in the US election. The document was 37 pages, and it mentioned Facebook 35 times. It detailed how Russian operatives used the platform to push memes, plan rallies, create fake accounts, suppress the vote, foment racism, and more.

[…] But then, roughly eight hours after the indictment appeared online, Rob Goldman, a VP for ads for Facebook, decided he had a few points to add to the debate. He was just freelancing, and had not cleared his thoughtswith either Facebook’s communications team or its senior management.

[…] With Mueller’s indictment, according to multiple people at the company, everyone felt that Facebook had done something right. The 35 mentions clearly showed that Facebook had fully cooperated with authorities. Many of the details in the indictment, particularly from pages 25 to 30, which include details of messages sent between private Facebook accounts, were given to Mueller by Facebook. That could have been a good story. But then Rob Goldman decided to weigh in, using a rival platform. He now has 10,500 Twitter followers, but a few fewer friends at work.

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