Crooked Hillary Gets Pummeled After Claiming “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights”

Hillary Clinton champions herself as a staunch feminist who fights for women’s rights yet she viciously attacked women who were victims of sexual abuse by her husband, Bill Clinton.

On Friday, Crooked Hillary got pummeled yet again for claiming “women’s rights are human rights” as she promoted abortion on demand for all.

So the life of an unborn child doesn’t count?

Hillary Clinton’s actions prove she is not a champion for women, or for human rights in general.

Juanita Broaddrick accused former Bill Clinton of raping her back in the 1970’s. To make matters worse, Hillary Clinton viciously attacked Broaddrick and every other woman who dared come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against her husband.

Hillary Clinton also praises Islam. Islam is responsible for some of the worse abuses against women, denying women basic rights such leaving the home without a head cover.

She also romanticizes the murder of unborn babies by pushing abortion as a means of birth control onto young women.

Hillary is no champion of women’s rights; we see right through her.

Hillary tweeted, “Women’s rights are human rights. That was a radical idea back in 1995. It shouldn’t still be two decades later.”

Hillary linked to a Politico article titled, ‘State Department report will trim language on women’s rights, discrimination’.

The Politico article explains State Department officials have been ordered to pare back passages in a soon-to-be-released annual report on global human rights that traditionally discuss women’s reproductive rights and discrimination.

And by reproductive rights they mean abortion.

This upset Hillary Clinton and the bloodthirsty left.

Conservatives responded to Crooked Hillary.

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