Crooked Cop Comey Gets Blasted After Bragging About His New Book and ‘Joining the Discussion About Ethical Leadership’

Crooked cop Comey should have taken Sean Hannity’s advice last week when he told the fired FBI Director, “You have the right to remain silent”. 

Comey keeps arrogantly tweeting which isn’t helping his case.

After the FISA memo was released Comey tweeted “that’s it?” while simultaneously attacking the memo as dishonest and destructive.

On Tuesday, Comey tweeted about looking forward to joining the discussion about ethical leadership.


Comey is the last person to know about ethical leadership.

Crooked Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton before interviewing her and 17 witnesses in her criminal email investigation, handed immunity out like candy, gave classified memos to a friend to leak to the press and misled the FISA court.


Comey tweeted Tuesday morning about putting the finishing touches on his new book titled, ‘A Higher Loyalty – Truth, Lies and Leadership’. (It must be fiction).

Comey: “I’ve heard people have missed my photo tweets. 🙂 I took this yesterday during a long, peaceful walk by the Potomac on a break from putting finishing touches on my book. I’m looking forward to its release and joining the discussion about ethical leadership.”

Comey got savaged by patriotic Americans.

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