CPAC Cancels Panel on Social Media Censorship – Blocks TGP’s Jim Hoft from Speaking, Slurs Trump Supporters


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During the election The Gateway Pundit was the fourth most influential conservative news source.
Following the 2016 election Harvard and Columbia Journalism Review funded research (with money from the Soros Open Society) to find out what happened.

What they found was that conservative Americans whole-heartedly rejected the liberal media and went online and to social media to find the truth.

The university researchers found that The Gateway Pundit was the 4th most influential conservative news source during the election.

(Behind Breitbart, FOX News, The Hill — and, of course, Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report)

Since the election The Gateway Pundit has been continually blocked and shadow-banned by Facebook, shadow-banned by Twitter, sued and ridiculed by the far left and GOP elites.
Despite this our traffic continued to grow in 2017.

This year when Pamela Geller went to CPAC to request a panel on social media censorship they abused her and strung her on until Monday night — after the official agenda was already printed.

CPAC was upset that The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft was on the panel.
They accused Gateway Pundit of being supporters of neo-Nazis.
This is what they think of The Gateway Pundit and our readers.
This is CPAC.

The Gateway Pundit is one of the top pro-Israel websites in the US.  The Gateway Pundit was the first website to speak out against radical white supremacists trying to hijack the Trump movement.

In fact CPAC does not have ANY of the grassroots supporters for Trump speaking at their conference.
They could not care less about the grassroots leaders who supported this president.
The media told CPAC that Trump supporters are white supremacists and Nazis.
CPAC believes them.

On Tuesday night CPAC cancelled the panel.

If you are the victim of social media targeting, CPAC does not want to be bothered.

Currently hundreds of conservative sites – especially pro-Trump conservative sites – are being targeted, blocked, shadow-banned, shut down, and discriminated against by Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Pamela Geller organized a panel at CPAC to discuss this most important issue facing the conservative movement in America today.

Pamela requested the panel BACK IN SEPTEMBER to make sure it would happen.
CPAC tried to run the clock out on Pamela and refused to grant her request until Monday night.

CPAC delayed their response so they wouldn’t have to put the panel in their official agenda.

The panel was the hottest ticket at CPAC.

PAMELA GELLER: Social Media Censorship Panel at CPAC, with — Pamela Geller, James O’Keefe, Jim Hoft, James Damore, Harmeet Dillon, Dan Gainor

CPAC Censors Censorship Panel

The panel was not listed in their official agenda.
They put Pamela’s panel in a backroom. They put her in “a closet” is what Pam told The Gateway Pundit.

On Tuesday night – after all of the travel arrangements were set — Pamela Geller got a call and CPAC officials told her Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit would not be allowed to speak on Friday.

They told her The Gateway Pundit’s articles on the child activists attacking the NRA, and gun owners, and Donald Trump were inappropriate.

CPAC takes their marching orders from Chelsea Clinton.

According to CPAC, it is inappropriate to challenge teenagers who are working with far left organizations to push gun control.
It’s totally unacceptable.

Pamela refused to kick The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft from the panel and told CPAC – “So you’re cancelling the panel?”

CPAC cancelled the panel.

Currently Facebook is putting conservatives out of business. Facebook is blocking conservative content on their platform.
We have evidence of this. We have evidence that Facebook and Google are only targeting conservative sites.
CPAC doesn’t care.
CPAC takes their marching orders from Chelsea Clinton.

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