Chairman Nunes Continues to Troll CNN Reporter Over FISA Memo

As previously reported, Chairman of the House Intel Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) slammed CNN reporter Manu Raju for asking if the White House allegedly coordinated the FISA memo’s release.

Watch CNN reporter Manu Raju get a smackdown by Chairman Nunes:

On Tuesday morning a CNN reporter asked Nunes if the White House had any role in his memo. His response: “Democracy dies in darkness, my friend. Get to work.” OUCH!

Strangely, the mainstream media and fake news journalists pushed back on the release of the FISA memo claiming there would be a ‘Constitutional crisis’ if the document was released.

We are also hearing no such rhetoric from the same fake news hacks as the Dems prepare to release their 10-page junk memo.

Chairman Nunes continued to troll Manu Raju Tuesday evening in a rare tweet.

Devin Nunes isn’t very active on Twitter so he really got a rise out of Twitter users after he taunted the CNN reporter.

“Still dark…” Nunes tweeted to Manu Raju.

Some of the reaction…

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