Busting the Russian Facebook Ad Hoax=> Russians Spent Total of $3,111 in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania During Election

Democrats and their dishonest mainstream media want you to believe the Russians hacked the election with a well financed and organized campaign to sway opinion in favor of Donald Trump.

The Russians spent a total of $100,000 during and after the campaign on Facebook ads.

Hillary Clinton had a lapdog media that favored her while 91% of the media coverage on her opponent Donald Trump was negative.


Facebook executive Colin Stretch told the US Senate Judiciary Committee in November that the total number of those illegitimate ads are a drop in the ocean — less than 0.004 percent of all content — or about 1 in 23,000 news feed items.

The Russians also planned election rallies for Trump and for Hillary.
The Trump rallies saw a total of 31 people show up.
The anti-Trump rallies had a turnout of 10,100 people.

And now we know that the Russians spent a total of $3,111 during the election in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and all but $54 of that total was spent after the primaries.

Byron York tweeted out a this commentary from Senator Burr on Monday:

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