Brutal Murder of Elderly Jewish Woman Hurled Off a Balcony by Screaming Muslim Savage Finally Declared an Anti-Semitic Crime


Sarah Halimi, well known in the Paris Orthodox community, was brutally beaten and thrown to her death from her third-floor apartment by a ‘’radicalized’’ Muslim neighbor.

TGP contributor Sebastien Wolfe reported on this story last April.

It was the crime that should have shocked France – a quiet Jewish woman mercilessly beaten by a young Muslim neighbor in the middle of the night before being thrown to her death from her Paris apartment. All this to recitations of the Koran and cries of ‘’Allahu Akbar’’ while police waited outside for the arrival of an anti-terrorist unit.


Yet few outside of the Jewish community heard of the crime last year, with essential elements being omitted from mainstream press reports of the horrific attack. Six weeks after the violent death of 66-year-old Sarah Halimi, her family are speaking out.

Holding a press conference in May 2017, lawyers speaking on their behalf stated their belief that the crime was anti-Semitic in nature and condemned the ‘’silence of the media’’ in the aftermath of the crime.

Nearly a year later French authorities finally admitted the brutal death of Sarah Halimi was an anti-Semitic murder.

The IBTimes reported:

The brutal murder of a Jewish woman in Paris has been declared an “anti-Semitic attack”, following global outcry at French authorities’ refusal to condemn the killing as an anti-Jewish hate crime.

Orthodox Jew Sarah Halimi, 65, was beaten to death by her Franco-Malian neighbour, 27-year-old Kobili Traoré, in April 2017. Neighbours said they heard Traoré shout “Allahu akbar”, Arabic for “God is Great”, before throwing Halimi’s body off a balcony.

“I’ve killed the demon,” he allegedly shouted in Arabic, according to French media…

…On Wednesday (28 February), a French judge ruled that the killing should be categorised as an anti-Semitic hate crime.

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