BREAKING: President Trump WILL NOT Release Adam Schiff’s Seriously Flawed Democrat Spin Memo …Update: FBI Refused Release

President Trump will not approve the release of the Democrat Adam Schiff’s House spin memo.

The president will tell Congress they need to make changes before it is released.

Jim Acosta weighed in.

FOX News reported:


The White House on Friday told Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to redraft their rebuttal to a controversial GOP memo alleging government surveillance abuse during the 2016 campaign, saying sensitive details need to be stripped before it can be made public.

The message was sent to the committee in a Friday letter from White House Counsel Don McGahn.

Earlier this week, the House Intelligence Committee had approved the release of the Democrats’ memo, giving President Trump five days to consider whether he should block publication for national security reasons.

The White House letter, for now, halts the release.

UPDATE: The FBI refused to release the Schiff memo due to security concerns.

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