Boom! GOP House Intel Member Drops Bomb on Judge Jeanine: You’re Going to Hear a Lot More About Bill Priestap (VIDEO)

Rep. Chris Stewart joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night to discuss the latest developments from the Congressional deep state investigation.

Stewart sits on the House Intelligence Committee and told Judge Jeanine he did not want to make any headlines.
Then he dropped this bomb.

Judge Jeanine: Who is Christopher Wray defending other than his own FBI guys? Most of whom are leaving or who’ve been asked to leave? I mean that’s what’s so crazy about this. Christopher Wray needs to be asked, what name did you want to be not revealed here? Peter Strzok? McCabe? You know the people that are clearly in trouble. And, by the way, have you heard the name Bill Priestap in the FBI who’s the head of counter intelligence and Strzok’s boss?

Rep. Chris Stewart: Yeah, we’ve heard that name and you’re going to hear more of that name. I want to go back though to something you said…

Judge Jeanine: No, I want to go back to Priestap but you go back first… But I want to go back to Priestap. And I want my audience to remember this name. I’ll tell you why I’m asking. I don’t like that I haven’t heard of him. We’ve heard of the whole hierarchy, everybody on that seventh floor. And there’s one guy we don’t hear about and that’s Priestap. Comey threw him under the bus and said that this guy who was Strzok’s boss told Comey not to advise Congress of certain things. And the fact that we haven’t heard from Priestap tells me he’s cooperating with someone or what?

Chris Stewart: Well, look I’m going to be careful on this because I’m not sure what we can say on this and believe me I don’t want to be the headline… Comey surrounded himself with liberal progressive hacks. And they don’t reflect the entity of the Department of Justice or the FBI.

Rep. Stewart to Judge Jeanine: You’re going to be hearing a lot more on Bill Priestap.

Bill Priestap is the only major player from the FBI seventh floor who is not making any headlines.

Everyone around Bill has either been caught inside the investigative net or they resigned.
But so far we have heard nothing about Bill Priestap.
Conservative Treehouse has more on Priestap:

Everyone around Bill Priestap, above and below, were caught inside the investigative net.

Above him: James Comey, Andrew McCabe and James Baker. Below him: Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Jim Rybicki, Trisha Beth Anderson and Mike Kortan. Parallel to Priestap in main justice his peer John P Carlin resigned, Sally Yates fired, Mary McCord quit, Bruce Ohr was busted twice, and most recently Dave Laufman resigned. All of them caught in the investigative net…. Only Bill Priestap remained, quietly invisible – still in position.

This is getting good.
The deep state criminal network is slowly being exposed.

Via Judge Jeanine:

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