BOOM! CPAC Talking Points Leaked to Press – Elitist Group INSTRUCTED STAFF TO LIE About Geller FREE SPEECH Panel



CPAC has a long history of blocking conservative favorites from their elitist conference:
Andrew Breitbart, Milo, Ann Coulter, Pamela Geller, Michelle Malkin (for many years), Donald Trump, James O’Keefe, and this week Jim Hoft

On Tuesday CPAC organizers banned Jim Hoft from a FREE SPEECH PANEL after TGP DC Correspondent published an article on the Parkland high school activists.

Chelsea Clinton didn’t like the story.
She accused TGP of attacking children – which we were careful not to do.

What Lucian Wintrich wrote on Tuesday was 100% correct and respectful.
The left was outraged because it was a direct hit on their anti-gun narrative.

Pamela Geller told CPAC organizers she would cancel the panel that she organized if Jim Hoft was not allowed to speak.
Pamela Geller stood by The Gateway Pundit and refused to bow down to the liberal media like CPAC.

The Washington Examiner leaked the CPAC Talking Points on Pamela Geller’s Free Speech Panel.

CPAC lied about the Pamela and panel — and once again insulted The Gateway Pundit and our millions of readers.
These are not good people, folks.
These are very bad people.

The full talking points are included below:


American Principles Project

CPAC sponsor APP is hosting a panel discussion on conservative voices being silenced on the internet. APP invited Pamela Geller to participate on the panel. She initially accepted but she then made her participation contingent on APP including another person who was obviously a poor choice. Pamela is actively promoting a version of events that are intentionally inaccurate designed to mislead and mischaracterize the construction of this presentation. She is no longer a participant, her claims that the panel is cancelled are false and the panel will move forward as intended.

**  Pamela Geller posted her email exchanges with CPAC tonight on her website.

CPAC is lying.

CPAC stole her panel which they knew nothing about and cared nothing about.
They accused Pamela of lying — Pamela clearly shows who are the real liars.
They take credit for the organization of the panel — for which they did nothing.
And then they slam Jim Hoft as “another person who clearly was a bad choice.”

I also know that CPAC considered The Gateway Pundit a nazi website and that are hundreds of thousands of daily readers as pro-nazi.
This is outrageous.
This is what these uninformed elites think of The Gateway Pundit.

After the election TGP was rated the fourth most influential conservative news source during the months leading up to the election.  Both Harvard and Columbia Journalism Review funded research (with money from the Soros Open Society) to find out what happened and how Hillary possibly could have lost.  What they found was that conservative Americans whole-heartedly rejected the liberal media and went online and to social media to find the truth.

The university researchers found that The Gateway Pundit was the 4th most influential conservative news source during the election. (Behind Breitbart, FOX News and The Hill).  Breitbart had a huge impact in stories read but TGP was not far behind.  Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report were not mentioned in the study but Drudge is perhaps one of a handful of individuals, including TGP, to help push President Trump into the White House.

CPAC does not care about this. The CPAC elites spend their time on more important issues — Like how to lie about why they blocked Pamela Geller and Jim Hoft from a panel on free speech.
This really is an awful organization.

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