Bombshell: Entire Eagles Team May Boycott White House Visit (DETAILS)

Guest post by John S. Roberts at Right Observer:

Super Bowl ratings reached its lowest mark in eight years. While 100 million-plus people tuned in, a dip in numbers is obviously never good for an organization.

Three players from the champion Philadelphia Eagles have already stated they will not attend a ceremony at the White House.


Now, the entire team, too?

From Downtrend:

Not even winning an unexpected world championship in dramatic fashion against a mighty dynasty was enough for several members of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.

They barely bothered to celebrate their 41-33 upset win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots before deciding to make an anti-Trump political statement.

Is it any wonder that this year’s Super Bowl had the lowest ratings in eight years when all that many millionaire ingrates can be concerned with is playing political football?

New York Daily News has the scoop:

“No, I’m not going to the White House,” Chris Long said. “Are you kidding me?”

Malcolm Jenkins, Torrey Smith, and two-time boycotters LeGarrette Blount and Long, who sat out last year’s visit as members of the the Patriots, have all come out in the last 24 hours and said they will not attend the annual visit winning teams make to Washington.


Rumors are circulating on social media that the Eagles are planning to boycott as a team. The Eagles, who arrived back in Philadelphia Monday afternoon, did not immediately respond to a request confirming those rumors.

What a shame.

Being invited to the White House is an honor!

Let’s hope these players don’t follow through on this rumor.

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