Awful. Howard Kurtz Lies and Smears Gateway Pundit Over Anti-Gun Florida High School Activists (VIDEO)

“Via Media Buzz:

Howard Kurtz invited on Shana Glenzer to trash Gateway Pundit for fake news on Sunday morning’s Media Buzz on FOX News Channel.

The only problem with that: everything they claimed in their program was fake news. Kurtz, began the charge stating, “another cycle gateway pundit floated a theory, without any evidence, that Florida students from that high school were coached to criticize the president’s response to the shooting.”

Glenzer, then chimed in, showing a complete and utter oblivion to what Gateway Pundit reported, saying “anyone can create a narrative and within twenty minutes… a video that supports that narrative.” Gateway Pundit’s original report included the video alongside information verified and confirmed by multiple news sources; simply highlighting the facts that Hogg’s father is in the FBI, that he and his fellow activists were recruited from the school’s theater department and that they are working with far-left organizations, is all provable.

Glenzer went on to claim, “I think from the left and the right some people have a hunger for information, propaganda that validates their views rather than considering another side and the factual backing of that doesn’t seem to matter. Things going viral in an hour? That is dangerous.”

The story went viral because it was all factual information outlined in a concise way, a way that the majority of MSM hacks failed to report on it.

To attack factual reporting is dangerous; Kurtz and Glenzer’s tag-teaming of a false narrative against Gateway Pundit and Info Wars factual coverage is more than disappointing. It’s “dangerous.”

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