Antifa Mob Crashes Pro-Trump ‘A Night For Freedom’ Party in Washington DC (VIDEO)

Antifa protested ‘A Night For Freedom’, a conservative gala being held at private location in Washington D.C. Saturday.

‘A Night For Freedom’ is a conservative gathering hosted by Mike Cernovich so Antifa lost their minds.

One of the Antifa leaders, Lacy MacAuley posted to her Twitter account earlier Saturday telling her troops to protest the ‘Fascists’.

More attacks from the violent left.

The Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks is on the scene Periscoping Antifa protesting.

Jack Posobiec reported that Antifa ran away and only two were remaining.

A few more masked Antifa showed up chanting “punch a Nazi in the face” via Cassandra Fairbanks’ Periscope:

More video of Antifa protest via News2Share:

Antifa looks like a bunch of low energy losers. The left-wing violent group donned their usual black masks to conceal their identity.

Security officers were standing between Trump supporters and the Antifa mob.

Trump supporters responded to Antifa by singing the National Anthem.

There were no violent altercations between the two groups at the time of this publication.

The Gateway Pundit will update as the night progresses.

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