Watch Antifa ‘Take a Knee’ as the New Right Sings Them the National Anthem (VIDEO)

On Saturday evening, black clad anarchists protested outside a party thrown by popular author and journalist Mike Cernovich in Washington, DC.

As the 500 well-dressed party attendees made their way into the sold-out venue for a “Night for Freedom” event that featured speeches from Milo Yiannopoulos and Stefan Molyneux, many stopped to troll the petulant protesters.

Party attendees mocked the Communist agitators with chants such as “get a job” and “read some books” before deciding to troll them by singing the National Anthem.

As the patriots, myself included, belted out the Star Spangled Banner, the masked low-energy cowards took a knee.

The protesters lasted out in the rain for several hours before going home — likely to their parent’s basements.

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