Adam Schiff Denies He Improperly Drafted Seriously Flawed Dem Memo – Attacks POTUS Trump AGAIN (VIDEO)

House Intel minority leader Adam Schiff blew a fuse after President Trump refused to release his flawed memo on Friday.

President Trump refused to release the seriously flawed memo on Friday. The FBI refused to release the Schiff memo due to security concerns.

First the Intelligence Committee will have to clean it up.

Schiff continued to spread lies about his junk memo AND Nunes’ memo on Sunday.


Major Garrett point blank asked Rep. Adam Schiff if sources and methods are revealed in his junk memo.

Schiff admitted the FBI will have to take another look and redact sensitive information in the Minority memo.

Of course Schiff and other Dems put sources and methods in their memo on purpose in order to make it look like the GOP and president are trying to hide something.

“Was this memo improperly drafted?” asked Garrett.

“No, of course not.” Schiff answered.

Schiff then went on to say the ‘hypocrisy grabs you by the throat’ and claimed president Trump puts his own interests above all else.

Sneaky Schiff also claimed the president doesn’t want the public to see the underlying facts on the FISA applications.

The best thing for the House Intel Committee to do then would be to declassify all FISA applications related to the dossier. Rep. DeSantis and others have already called for this.


We know sneaky Adam Schiff put sources and methods in his junk memo on purpose so it wouldn’t be released ultimately trying to make Trump look like a biased obstructionist.

According to investigative reporter Sara Carter Schiff purposely put “sources and methods” in his spin memo to force President Trump to make redactions.

Schiff knew his spin memo would NEVER be approved.

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