Yale Shrink Wants to “Physically Restrain” Trump, Evaluate Him and Frog-March from Office… Is Worried It May Look Like Coup

Ya Think?

Anti-Trump Yale professor wants to “physically constrain” President Trump, evaluate him in constraints and then frogmarch him from office.

She is worried it may look like a coup!

Democrats have given up on their Russian collusion hoax and are now hoping to impeach Trump based on his fitness to serve.

Billionaire Donald Trump built a business empire then went on to defeat 16 accomplished Republicans in a stacked GOP primary. He then defeated a former senator and Secretary of State along with all of the liberal media and Washington DC elites to win the 2016 presidential election.

In April 2017 Dr. Lee ranted against President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

Dr. Lee was completely oblivious to the necessity to change directions in this country and instead blamed Trump of having a nativist or xenophobic campaign.

Via New York Magazine:

Do Trump’s middle-class supporters see him as a strong man who promises to revive the status they have lost? I asked her. Is their sense of belonging tied to Trump? She agreed. “He is giving his fans a false sense of empowerment: ‘Make America great again, reject outsiders who will take your jobs.’ But instead of elevating their status with real solutions, he is exploiting their psychology.”

Someone needs to send Dr. Lee the latest economic numbers!

Dr. Lee wants to constrain Trump for an evaluation.

Is there any question at this point that the Democrat Party is really just a collection of Communists?

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