Wow! It’s Thursday — Matt Drudge Goes Scorched Earth on Steve Bannon

And you thought Wednesday was crazy!

Matt Drudge from the powerhouse Drudge Report continued his attacks on all things Steve Bannon on Thursday morning.

Drudge tweeted out on Steve Bannon’s recent association with Miles Kwok.

Matt Drudge followed that up with a critique of Breitbart News.

Matt Drudge: The terrific Larry Solov and Susie Breitbart will take Breitbart into the fresh future. Has it really been 10 yrs since Andrew told me on Santa Monica pier he was going to do it?! His first hire Alex Marlow [he was 21] became one of the best news editors in the world! MORE

And everyone is asking: What is behind Matt Drudge’s beef with Steve Bannon?

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