Antifa Terrorists Burn Memorial Photos of Kate Steinle – Flip Her Off

Antifa in Phoenix have torched memorial photos of Kate Steinle that were posted on the Arizona State University campus on Monday evening.

The masked far-left terrorists posted photos of themselves burning the posters of the 32-year-old shooting victim while sticking their middle fingers up at the flames.

They also replaced the photographs of Steinle with “Anti-Racist Action” flyers that promoted the use of violence against those they deem to be “Nazis” — so pretty much anyone to the right of Karl Marx.

One of the participants in the burning wrote about their efforts on the anarchist blog It’s Going Down.

“Around 50 fliers were found in total, a large increase in prior instances, and it was determined that at least two people were involved, with the comparison of fliers, and techniques used to post them. After we were confident that we had rounded up the significant majority of fascist materials, we moved to a nearby park and disposed of them by fire,” the terrorist wrote.

The anonymous Antifa terrorist concluded their post by declaring that “ASU is Antifa territory!”

Steinle was shot and killed by Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an illegal immigrant, while walking on a California pier with her father in 2015. The illegal immigrant claimed that he had found the weapon and was attempting to shoot a sea lion.

On November 30, Zarate was acquitted of all murder and manslaughter charges.

Garcia Zarate had been deported five times and convicted of seven felonies before killing Steinle.


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