WATCH: Alex Jones GOES OFF on CNN’s ‘Cowardly Degenerate Sack of Anti-Human Trash’ Brian Stelter

Alex Jones of InfoWars is known for his intense rants, but this one may take the cake.

On Friday’s episode of The Alex Jones Show, the host hilariously referred to the Reliable Sources host as “a cowardly degenerate sack of anti-human trash,” “narcissistic devil-worshiping filth” and much more.

“Just look at [Brian] Stelter again. Put him on screen. I think that’s all the broadcast should be, is just a photo of Stelter smiling. Ugh. Ugh. Oh my gosh. Oh, hell on earth. He wants to run your life. He wants to control every aspect of your life because he knows he is a cowardly degenerate sack of anti-human trash,” Jones ranted. “I pledge before my heavenly father that I will resist them every way I can. These people are the literal demon spawn of the pit of hell. Look at him. And you know what, he is better than you if you keep letting him run your life. He runs your kids, he runs the schools, he runs the banks. This guy, this spirit, this smiling, leering devil that thinks you can’t see what he is. He is your enemy. Period.”

It didn’t stop there.

“All the narcissistic devil-worshiping filth. I see you enemy. I see you enemy. Enemy. Enemy. You are my enemy. And I swear total resistance to you with everything I’ve got. Disingenuous, fake, false, brokeback, twisted, a defiler, a betrayer, a back stabber, a devil. You will pay. Yeah, you don’t think I see your face, scum? You don’t think I don’t see you, Stelter? I see you, you understand me? I know what you think of me and my family. I see you right back. You understand that? You understand that, Stelter? Stelter,” Jones said while grunting. “You will fall. You will not bring humanity down. God is going to destroy you. Get him off the screen. Oh, God, they’re so evil. Just please God, free us from them. They’re drunk on our children’s blood for God’s sake. OK, I’m going to stop right now.”

While Stelter is absolutely obnoxious, it is currently unclear what set off such a delightfully angry segment.


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