VIDEO: Unhinged SJW Jumps on Subway Track, Threatens Suicide While Ranting About Women’s Rights

A crazed social justice warrior was caught on camera after he jumped onto a New York City subway track and ranted about equality while threatening to commit suicide.

Photo journalist Eli Wohl happened to capture the scene as the man, holding a bottle of vodka, licked his finger and threatened to touch the third rail.

Horrified witnesses plead with the man to get off the tracks as he complained about women’s rights, racial justice and other left-wing talking points.

“People were mostly pleading with him: ‘Just come up, come up,’” Wohl told the New York Post. “Whatever he did, he kept on mentioning different social issues — women’s rights and racial stuff.”

“He said: “Should I lick my finger and touch the third rail?’” Wohl added.

Comedian Michelle Collins also witnessed the incident and tweeted about what she saw.

“In a NY first, I just saw a man on the subway tracks at Bryant Park threatening to kill himself over the unfair treatment of women,” she wrote. “I spoke to an older woman waiting for the train who asked me if he was a Communist… In short, hope he gets help and New Yorkers as per usual did not bat a lash.”

The man left the tracks without injury as a Brooklyn-bound train arrived at the station, stopping ahead of the entrance after being warned about the solo protester — or “mole feminist” as Collins referred to him.


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