VIDEO: Goofy Dem Rep Called Out on MSNBC After Lying About Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D, Md.) got called out in an appearance on MSNBC after he lied and claimed he has never called for President Donald Trump to be impeached.

The goofy representative has proposed a bill to form a commission to determine whether the president is fit for office — but bizarrely claims it has nothing to do with Trump.

In an interview with Katy Tur, Raskin his bill is “not a body devoted to looking at Donald Trump’s fitness for office.”

When Tur followed up about his desire to impeach the president, Raskin tried to lie his way out of it.

“Here’s the thing, congressman. You want to impeach this president. You’ve said so,” Tur said.

Seemingly flustered over being called out by his own side’s media, Raskin denied her claim. “No, I haven’t—when did I say that?” he asked.

“You’ve said you wanted to impeach the president,” Tur stated matter-of-factly. She then went on to read his own comment about his desire to impeach. “I want to say this for Donald Trump, who I may well be voting to impeach over the next year or two,” she quoted him saying at a rally in January 2017, noting that the statement drew applause from the crowd.

“You definitely don’t want him as president,” she said.

Raskin, still seemingly flustered, dodged the question and responded that “I think the media is conflating impeachment and the 25th Amendment.” He then began to ramble off facts about the 25th Amendment and that it is meant to address a president who lacks the mental or physical capacity required for office.

“They’re two separate things,” he said following his lies and dodging.

Since Raskin doesn’t seem capable of keeping his own comments straight, perhaps there should be a commission on his own mental fitness for office.


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