Twitter Suspends Ohio Republican Congressional Candidate – Chris DePizzo – After Tweeting About Democrat Rival

Amid Project Veritas’ bombshell report on Twitter’s discriminatory practices against Conservatives, the social media platform allegedly suspended Ohio Republican congressional candidate Chris DePizzo after simply  tweeting about his Democrat rival Rep. Tim Ryan.

ACTForAmerica Grassroots Director Thomas Hern first drew attention to Depizzo’s Twitter suspension, tweeting on Sunday, “Twitter just suspended Chris Depizzo a conservative candidate for Congress in Ohio for quote tweeting his opposition. Twitter is literally trying to rig elections in favor of liberals.”

According to Hern, DePizzo was suspended from Twitter after calling out “liberal media darling” Ryan for discussing the Democrat Party in Iowa and New Hampshire, while ignore the concerns of his own district.

The Gateway Pundit independently confirmed congressional candidate Chris DePizzo’s Twitter account @DePizzoForOhio is indeed suspended.

Following the suspension, a “#FreeDepizzo” Twitter account was created to raise awareness for the move.

“Help support republican congressional candidate Chris DePizzo (@DePizzoForOhio)! He’s been banned from Twitter for over 24 hours with no explanation from @TwitterSupport!”, tweeted the #FreeDepizzo Monday.


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