TRUMP EFFECT: JetBlue Announces $1,000 Bonuses to Every Crewmember Thanks to Trump Tax Cuts

JetBlue announced Thursday it will pay $1,000 bonuses to each of their approximately 21,000 crewmembers by the end of February because of Trump’s tax cuts.

Fox Business reported JetBlue will be joining other corporations by raining down cash on employees:

The New York-based airline said on Jan. 4 that it would grant a $1,000 to each of its 21,000 crewmembers, with the exception of its CEO and other executives.

“We believe these tax changes will be positive for our company, and provide us the opportunity to do good things for our crewmembers, customers and shareholders,” JetBlue President and CEO Robin Hayes said in a letter to company employees.

Southwest Airlines and American Airlines both announced $1,000 bonuses to their employees thanks to the President Trump.

At least 17 other companies have announced bonuses, higher wages and investments since the tax cuts passed.

Since the Senate approved Trump’s tax bill 51-48 in a midnight showdown, we have already seen major economic wins in this country. Here are a few other corporations who recently handed out bonuses thanks to Trump:

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TRUMP EFFECT: Fifth Third Bancorp Raises Minimum Hourly Wage, Issues Bonuses To Employees Due To GOP Tax Reform

TRUMPMAS: Comcast Announces $50 BILLION INVESTMENT Due To Historic GOP Tax Reform

And not ONE SINGLE Democrat voted for the cuts.

President Trump also boasted about the DOW blasting through 25,000.