Traitor Chelsea Manning Files For Senate Run in Maryland

Traitor Chelsea (Bradley) Manning filed to run for a Senate seat in the state of Maryland according to a report by WaPo. (Note: Brian Griffiths at broke the story of Manning running for Senate before the Post report.)

The 30-year-old traitor and transgender activist filed to run as a Democrat. Perfect.

WaPo reported:

Chelsea E. Manning, the transgender former Army private who was convicted of passing sensitive government documents to WikiLeaks, is seeking to run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, according to federal election filings.

Manning would be challenging Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin, who is in his second term in the Senate and is up for reelection in November. Cardin is Maryland’s senior senator and is considered an overwhelming favorite to win a third term.

Private First Class Bradley Manning stole 251,000 State Department documents, many of them secret international embassy reports. Manning smuggled the security documents out on a CD labeled “Lady Gaga.” Manning was bitter after a breakup with his boyfriend.

Manning smuggled the information out of a secure facility on a CD. Never before had a superpower lost control of such vast amounts of sensitive information.

In April 2014 a Kansas judge allowed Manning to change his name to “Chelsea.”

Manning as Bradley on left and as Chelsea on right

Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence in January from 35 years to 7 years.

In May Chelsea Manning was released from prison and became a free person.

Since Chelsea Manning became a free ‘woman’, she has been sending out incendiary tweets.

She recently tweeted ‘f*ck the police’ and previously called for the Military to be disbanded after Trump called for trasngenders to be banned from serving in the Military.

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