Top House Democrat: We Will Demand Clean DACA Bill, A Border Wall is ‘Waste of Money” (Video)

Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Joe Crowley told MSNBC today the Democrats will demand a clean DACA amnesty bill and will not tolerate border wall funding included.


On Wednesday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” House Democratic Caucus Chairman Representative Joe Crowley (D-NY) stated that Democrats want a clean DACA bill and dubbed a border wall a waste of money.

Crowley told MSNBC: “I think there’s a false premise here, in other words, equating security and border security with the DACA individuals themselves. They are not a security risk to the American people. They love this country. This is the country they know and love, and they are now in a state of limbo. And unless the president, who has promised to address this issue, works to make that happen in a clean bill, that’s what Democrats are looking for. A $40 billion wall is a waste of government money. … You can’t drive on it. You can’t live in it. You can’t do anything with it, and it really is just a waste of government resources.

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