Terrorist Omar Mateen’s Wife: I Knew He Was Going to Orlando to Attack Pulse Nightclub

Noor Salman, the wife of Pulse nightclub terrorist Omar Mateen admitted to the FBI she knew her husband was going to Orlando to kill people.

Salman says she saw her husband prepare his attack for months and knew he was targeting the LGBT nightclub.

The 12 page handwritten statement Noor Salman made was given to the FBI hours after the shooting took place, yet we are just now finding out about it. Why does the FBI continually hides facts from the public especially when it comes to Islamic terrorist attacks?

49 people were killed that night. Federal authorities are still wondering why Islamic terrorist Mateen targeted Pulse, a nightclub for gays, queers and transgenders…unbelievable.

USA Today reported:

A handwritten statement given to the FBI by the wife of Pulse nightclub gunman Omar Mateen says she saw him prepare for the deadly attack for months and knew that the LGBT nightclub was his target.

The 12-page statement, quietly released by federal authorities at the end of December in a batch of records in the case, was taken hours after the June 12, 2016 shooting. The attack left 49 dead and dozens of others injured. Noor Salman was questioned for hours, without a lawyer, after authorities learned her husband was the gunman behind the attack.


In the statement, Salman described driving slowly by several destinations, including Disney World and Pulse nightclub, before the shooting. He asked Salman when driving by Pulse, “How upset are people going to be when it gets attacked?” the statement said.

Federal prosecutors say Mateen was casing potential targets. It’s unclear why he chose Pulse.

Two days before the shooting, Salman saw Mateen looking at the website for the club. When she saw what he was doing, he said, “this is my target,” the statement reads.

Salman told FBI agents, “I knew that the time to attack the club was close.”

The night before the attack, he left the house and looked “pumped up,” she wrote in the statement, adding he told her, “This is the one day.”

He had a handgun in a holster around his waist and put on a backpack that had ammunition inside, she wrote, adding she knew “this was the time that he was going to do something bad.”

“I knew when he left the house he was going to Orlando to attack the Pulse nightclub,” she wrote.

According to the report, Noor Salmam told FBI agents multiple times she knew about his plans to attack the Orlando nightclub.

Salman’s lawyers have been fighting against the use of the statement in court, claiming that she was in custody and had not been read her Miranda rights, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Omar Mateen was a registered Democrat and an Islamic terrorist yet the media immediately turned their rage towards ‘gun control’ and Republicans.

Mateen was also on the FBI’s radar, however; they failed to take his threats seriously. Gun shops reported Mateen to the FBI and after several interviews, the terrorist fell through the cracks.

The terrorist’s father, Seddique Mateen was also spotted near the front row at a Hillary Clinton rally during the 2016 presidential election which of course the liberals wanted to ignore.

If the FBI hid this information about Noor Salman from the public, what are they hiding about Stephen Paddock, the Vegas shooter who killed 58 people and injured 546 more?