Suspected Leaker Adam Schiff Calls POTUS Trump a “Seriously Flawed Human Being” (VIDEO)

Suspected leaker and high ranking member of the House Intel Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA) called President Trump a “seriously flawed human being” on CNN Sunday.

Adam Schiff actually quoted Michael Wolff’s new book full of lies, ‘Fire and Fury’ as his source. Let that sink in.

The Russian collusion hoax is unraveling at lightning speed so the new war cry coming from the left is ‘President Trump is mentally unfit to lead’.

“I don’t think anyone is particularly surprised by what has been revealed in the Wolff book in terms of the questions that people working closest to the President about his capacity to do the job,” Schiff said.


“I don’t think there is anyone in Congress frankly from either party who does not at least concur privately with those observations and concerns. Certainly very few people are willing to express that publicly in Congress,” Schiff continued.

“The question for us though is, you know, plainly we have a seriously flawed human being in the Oval Office. Will those flaws permeate the whole of government?” Schiff asked.

Adam Schiff is desperate to discredit president Trump because he knows his own corruption is being exposed.

He continued to complain about the DOJ reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Mueller’s wheels are falling off. Everyone knows it. The Dems are panicking now because one by one the corrupt liberal hacks are being exposed.

All eyes are on Adam Schiff as the person who leaked parts of Don Jr’s interview to the House Intel Committee to CNN.

Schiff has been in full meltdown mode since three House Republicans called for an inquiry into House Intelligence Committee Russia investigation leaks.


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