Stunning! Goods Producing Jobs – Construction and Manufacturing – Up 600% in Trump’s First Year

You know this won’t make any headlines–

Barack Obama, the worst economic president in modern US history, was asked in June 2016 about the Carrier Corp jobs in Indiana.

Obama responded:

“When somebody says like the person you just mentioned who I’m not going to advertise for, that he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well how exectly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s uh-uh no answer to it. He just says. “I’m going to negotiate a better deal.” Well how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.

In December, ADP Services reported the largest number of new manufacturing jobs in history – 40,000!

In President Trump’s first year in office the goods producing jobs – construction, manufacturing, etc. – were up 600% over the previous year.

Economist Charles Payne announced this development on Varney and Co.

Charles Payne: It’s not about the service side, manufacturing, even this morning in this morning’s jobs report you have 30,000 construction jobs, 25,000 manufacturing jobs. ADP’s number for the full year – goods producing jobs, these are people who work with their hands. This is the heartland. This is what gave Trump Ohio and Pennsylvania. Those jobs up 600% year over year. Over 500,000 versus eighty something thousand.

Via Varney and Co.:

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