St. Louis Conservative Wakes Up to Find His Vehicle Vandalized with “F*ck Proud Boys” and Hammer and Sickle

The tolerant left strikes again!
Brandon Volz is an electrician in the city of St. Louis and a conservative.

On Friday morning Brandon woke up to find his vehicle vandalized outside his home in South St. Louis.

The far left criminals wrote “F*ck Proud Boys” and the image of a hammer and sickle.
His driveway was covered with spikes.

The new left is through discussing the issues.
Now they just beat heads and vandalize property.


Brandon is not a member of the St. Louis Proud Boys.
But he is a Trump supporter and a conservative.

Mike, a friend of Brandon’s wrote The Gateway Pundit with the story.

I’ve known Brandon from hanging out at South City bars, but hadn’t really seen him in over a year. I happened to run into him at a South City bar on Wednesday night. I was drinking there with my Proud Boy chapter’s Vice President, Joe S. We weren’t wearing our colors, but the Proud Boys did come up in conversation a few times. Brandon was sitting next to us during these conversations, but not involved in the conversation.

I found the timing interesting, that this happened to him within 48 hours of my first time seeing him after such a long time. I wouldn’t think much of it if the graffiti had said “F*ck Trump.” But the reference to the PB’s, considering he’s not one of us, made the whole thing very peculiar. There are around a dozen of us in the St. Louis chapter, and while we know through various channels that Antifa knows we’re here and is keeping an eye our development, none of the brothers in our chapter have had anything like this happen to them as of yet. That being said, we’ve only been a chapter since November, so I’m sure his won’t be the last of it.

My friend Luke suggested that you might be interested to learn of a recent incident of anti-conservative vandalism that occurred in South City. Attached to this email is a photo of my friend’s work van, which he woke up yesterday morning to find vandalized with “F*CK PROUD BOYS” and a hammer and sickle.

There were also homemade spikes scattered across his driveway.

Oddly enough, he’s not a Proud Boy or in any way affiliated to us, though he is a vocal conservative.

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