SICK! Newsweek Defends Keith Ellison’s Support for Violent Communist Group – Attacks Gateway Pundit Instead

On Wednesday Democrat Party Deputy Chairman tweeted out his support for the violent Communist Antifa movement.

Democrat Party leaders no longer fears publicly supporting radical, anti-American Communists.

Antifa has been beating, busting and physically attacking US conservatives for over a year now.

Andrew Marcus photo

In response to Ellison’s tweet Newsweek defended the violent communist group and attacked The Gateway Pundit.

Via Newsweek:

Opponents jumped on the tweet, with Fox News and other conservative outlets like Gateway Pundit and Alex Jones’s InfoWars covering it, and running anti-Muslim comments underneath the articles.

“A Muslim promoting terrorism is not news,” commenter Supah Cisgender wrote on Gateway Pundit.

Other comments labeled the representative a “terrorist.” Pundits on the far-right also recycled talking points about “antifa,” a catch-all word for leftist protesters that has been associated with dozens of fake news stories since the start of Trump’s presidency.

They’re not honest and they do not even hide their contempt for America.


This is today’s mainstream liberal media.

Paul Joseph Watson weighed in:

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