SHOCK POLL: Trump Wipes the Floor With Oprah in Florida

As the left continues to float their Oprah for President fantasies and the media continues to fan the flames, it’s always important to do somewhat of a reality check.

The Central Florida Post did just that and conducted a poll with the help of Dixie Strategies, wherein they found that president Donald Trump would “trounce” Oprah in the must-win state of Florida.

The numbers break down as follows:

President Donald Trump would win with a whopping 47.91% to Winfrey’s 23.95%, with a theoretical third party candidate getting 14.83% and 13.31% of voters undecided.

The left seems to be convinced that if they simply get someone with a large star, like Oprah, and then run them for president, the entirety, or a good chunk, of Trump’s base would dissipate. The fact is, the media did such a fine job, and Hillary and her cohorts did such fine jobs of convincing a large voting swath of America that they hated them, their beliefs, and their country that it will take a generation before the Democrats win back any trust.

Donald Trump reimagined the GOP and has carved out a pathway for other strong candidates to go down. That someone like Oprah could waltz into the spotlight and defeat Donald Trump is utterly ludicrous.



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