SHOCK: Newsweek Pakistan Editor Claims Pedophilia “Leads To Great Art,” Rape By Hollywood Star “Everyone’s Dream Come True”

On Tuesday, Fasih Ahmed, Editor of Newsweek Pakistan tweeted what he believes to be the silver lining to pedophilia: you might get a painting or two out of it. 

“The sexual abuse of children will always exist. You can never eliminate it. Sometimes it leads to great art. So there’s also that,” tweeted Ahmed.

In a failed attempt to clarify his remarks, Ahmed tweeted, “Child sexual abuse has always happened, is happening, and will always continue. Two days of outrage on Twitter and participating in a 10-person vigil may make you feel so noble but that’s all just about you, not those who’ve been victimized.”

“You know uncles, servants, teachers, cousins, random shopkeepers hurt boys and girls. Did you report them? Did you have the balls to step out of your denial? This is the cause du jour. Default mode denial is just around the corner. Zainab is not a watershed moment,” he added.

Zainab Ansari, reference by Ahmed, was a six-year Pakistani girl who was raped and murdered. The brutal incident sparked outraged across the overwhelmingly Muslim country.

BBC reports:

Pakistani authorities say they have arrested the main suspect in the rape and killing of six-year-old Zainab Ansari.

The chief minister of Punjab province accused Imran Ali, 24, of being a serial killer.

Speaking at a news conference in Lahore, Shahbaz Sharif said the suspect had confessed and his DNA matched samples from the crime scene in Kasur.[…]

The child’s body was found in a garbage dump earlier this month, several days after she went missing.

Zainab’s murder triggered outrage across the country, including riots against alleged police incompetence. Two protesters were killed in the clashes .

Think Ahmed’s Twitter account was hacked? Guess again. Five hours later, the Newsweek editor assured his roughly 13,500 followers that his account had “not been hacked.”

“Relax,” Ahmed added.

In a since deleted tweet, Ahmed followed up his claims about child abuse by claiming being raped by former President Barack Obama in indeed rape, however rape isn’t considered rape by Hollywood actor Tim Cruise because it believes it’s “everyone’s dream come true.”

Rape is  “all subjective,” added the Newsweek Pakistan editor.

According to Newsweek Pakistan‘s Facebook page, the magazine  is “the first licensed international newsmagazine in Pakistan and draws upon both its own editorial staff and Newsweek’s international network of correspondents to bring a fresh perspective to Pakistani audiences.”

Newsweek Pakistan is published by AG Publications, a company wholly owned by Associated Group (AG), under license from The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company LLC.

Ahmed’s tweet about Cruise and rape are particularly shocking after the Harvey Weinstein bombshell set off a string of sexual harassment allegations against some of Hollywood’s biggest and most powerful stars.

At this time, Newsweek has yet to issue a statement on Fasih Ahmed’s comments on child abuse and rape.


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