SHOCK CLAIM=> Dianne Feinstein Says She Was “Pressured” to Release Fusion GPS Transcript – Immediately Backtracks

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) unilaterally released Fusion GPS’s full testimony from an August 2017 interview Tuesday.

Congressional investigators interviewed Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson about the Russia dossier; Republican leaders pushed back on the release of the transcript.

Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley’s spox responded immediately Tuesday to Feinstein’s unilateral move: “It’s totally confounding that Senator Feinstein would unilaterally release a transcript of a witness interview in the middle of an ongoing investigation..Her decision was made without consulting Chairman Grassley,” reported Fox News’ Chad Pergram

On Wednesday Dianne Feinstein claimed she was ‘pressured’ to release the transcript then immediately backtracked!


CNN’s Manu Raju reported Wednesday, “FEINSTEIN says she’s sorry to Grassley for not giving him a headsup about the release of the Fusion GPS transcript. “I meant to tell him, and I didn’t have a chance to tell him, and that concerns me,” she told us. “I just got pressured, and I didn’t do it.””

Sean Davis of The Federalist responded to Raju with, “Wait. She was “pressured?” By whom? That seems like a pretty huge detail. Was it a donor? A party boss? Federal officials? Who “pressured” her?”

Davis also asked, “What did Feinstein say when you asked her who “pressured” her to release the transcript, @mkraju? Surely you asked her that.”

Davis then followed up by asking, “And what did Feinstein say, @mkraju, when you asked her how she had time to make massive redactions at the demand of Fusion GPS, but didn’t have time to tell the committee chairman what was happening?”

CNN’s Manu Raju then reported Feinstein claimed she ‘misspoke’ “Asked who pressured her, Feinstein says: “I wasn’t pressured” without reconciling her two statements. Her office later said she misspoke and wasn’t pressured to release transcript.”

Nice walk back!

Hat tip: Zero Hedge

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