Senator Rand Paul Defends Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comment, BLASTS Hypocrite Lindsey Graham

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) defended Donald Trump’s “sh-thole” remark and blasted Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for his hypocrisy in the same breath on Sunday morning — like a boss.

Appearing on Meet the Press, Senator Paul was asked about why Trump has not apologized for the immigration remark that sent the mainstream media into a tearful tailspin.

“There are two different standards here, in 2013, Lindsey said the exact same thing that the president did except he used the word ‘hell hole,'” Senator Paul said. “‘You can’t have everybody coming up from every hell hole to here,'” he quoted his colleague as saying.

“Now everyone thinks Lindsey Graham is a great statesman because he put out this statement about American ideals and stuff,” Senator Paul added.

In a comment about his appearance, Senator Paul’s Chief Strategist Doug Stafford told the Gateway Pundit that they will not let the left get away with their hypocrisy.

“Like too many debates in Washington, instead of pursing policy, the left wants to call names and attack people. They want to create one standard for their allies and one for their opponents. That’s not helpful, and we won’t let them get away with it,” Stafford said.

During a hearing in 2013, Graham referred to Mexico as a “hell hole” while explaining why we don’t need tight border control for Canada. He also argued that we cannot take in everyone who comes from a “hell hole.”

“The tale of two borders, why is one a problem and the other is not? It’s because Canada is a place that people like to stay. They like Canada, we like Canada, we love to have them visit and they want to go home because it’s a nice place,” Graham said. “The people coming across the Southern border live in hell holes, they don’t like that — they want to come here.”

“Our problem is, we can’t have everyone that lives in a hell hole coming to America,” Graham said.

Following the reports of Trump’s “sh-thole” comment, which Graham was reportedly present for, he pretended to be offended by the remark from up on his pedestal.

Graham has claimed that he stood up to Trump over the remarks, the ones which echo the same sentiment he shared just a few years ago.


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