WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange created waves recently when he added an hourglass to his Twitter name.

On Tuesday, conservative heavyweight Sean Hannity tweeted a “TICK TOCK” warning to his followers.

Twitter was set ablaze with rumors flying about where Julian Assange is and what is possibly coming next.

In response to a report that Ecuador is suddenly offering to mediate a resolution with Julian Assange, Hannity said, “Watch WikiLeaks closely! Tick Tock”

TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks reported Tuesday morning:

Rumors and speculation have been swirling on Twitter after misleading reports were published claiming that Julian Assange has left the Ecuadorian Embassy — the Gateway Pundit can confirm that these reports are false.

A WikiLeaks legal source close to Julian Assange told the Gateway Pundit on Tuesday morning that not only are these claims false, but the political persecution of WikiLeaks has ramped up substantially.

“It’s false and the actions of the US State Department, Department of Justice and the CIA against WikiLeaks have substantially increased, not decreased, in recent weeks,” the source told Gateway Pundit.

Earlier in the day, we had called the Ecuadorian Embassy to ask them about his status, but they would neither confirm nor deny if he remained in the building. An additional source close to WikiLeaks told the Gateway Pundit that this doesn’t mean anything and the embassy never comments on any matters related to Assange without prior approval.

 Stay tuned. The Gateway Pundit will update as more information becomes available.
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