SEAN HANNITY Hammers Latest Fake News NYT Trump-Mueller Hit Piece: ‘They Have NO CLUE What’s Coming… TICK TOCK’

In an effort to distract from the damning ‘recovered’ Strzok-Page text messages making the rounds on Thursday, The New York Times rolled out another fake news story about President Trump. 

The New York Times claimed President Trump ordered dirty cop Mueller to be fired in June of 2017, then backed off after his counsel threatened to quit if the order was carried out.

Who cares? Mueller wasn’t fired. Furthermore, Mueller isn’t a King. He should be investigated and prosecuted for carrying out a witch hunt based on a phony Russia dossier.

Friday morning in Davos President Trump was asked about the hit piece — The president called it fake news, “A typical New York Times fake story.”

That New York Times gossip article about Trump ordering Mueller to be fired was written by Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman. Maggie Haberman is a Deep State darling who attended the off the record secret meetings with John Podesta and Joel Benenson during the 2016 elections.

Conservative heavyweight Sean Hannity unleashed on fake news New York Times as well.

Hannity tweeted, “Liberal media sheep shocked @realDonaldTrump thought about firing Corrupt Mueller and his liberal team of Hillary lovers, which HE DID NOT DO! They have NO CLUE about what’s coming. Tick tock, tick tock….Stay tuned Irredeemable deplorables. Best Sean”

Hannity then hammered the New York Times again and their bogus ‘anonymous sources’, “I will NEVER EVER EVER run with anonymous sources. Also notice how liberal media uses a NON story to distract from latest text messages from lovebirds. FOCUS.

The Deep State is panicking as the release of the FISA memo looms.

Paul Sperry of the New York Post also warned the FISA memo is going to rock Mueller, the FBI, DOJ and FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court).

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