‘Blackmail’ Fears Grow After FBI Officials Say ‘Foreign Actors’ May Have Hacked Strzok’s Unsecured Phone

Reporter Sara A. Carter joined “Hannity,” Monday evening, revealing former and current FBI officials fear text messages exchanged on Bureau-supplied phones between agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page may have been hacked by “foreign actors.” In addition, Carter raised the prospect that countries such as Russia and China could have used the captured text messages to blackmail both Strzok and Page.

Credit: Maureen Dowling

“Former senior FBI officials, as well as current FBI officials, do not believe that this was just a technical glitch,” began Carter in reference to the missing texts, adding, she couldn’t, “use the language that they shared with me after the news came out.”

“Something that they did bring up, I think is really important to get out to the audience is they said that a lot of these text messages were done on these unsecure Samsung 5, you know, phones.”

“It wasn’t just about capturing it in U.S. servers, but they said foreign actors, such as Israel even, Germany, Russia, China and others tried to capture FBI cellphones all the time,” Carter added.

“It may be that a foreign actor actually has the text messages, between — that somebody may have [the texts] after all.”

“Oh, you mean Vladimir might have it after all?” joked Hannity.

“They talked about Flynn being the subject of blackmail, what about [Strzok and Page] being the subject of blackmail?” the Fox News contributor asked rhetorically. 


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