Restaurant Targeted for Ruin by Liberals After Celebrity Chef Jose Andres Has Meltdown, Blames Ivanka Trump for Elite DC Party Snub

The latest example of a Twitter tantrum going halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on in the morning: The prominent Italian restaurant Cafe Milano in Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood is facing an effort by outraged liberals to ruin its business after celebrity chef and restaurateur Jose Andres had a meltdown on Twitter Saturday night after he was barred from attending an elite invitation-only private party at Cafe Milano that was attended by Ivanka Trump. Andres falsely accused the restaurant’s owner and Ivanka Trump of keeping him from the party at Ivanka’s request, sparking an online campaign to ruin the restaurant. It was Sunday afternoon when the truth was finally acknowledged by Andres: He was not invited but tried to crash the party.

Andres became a hero of the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ when he broke his contract to run a restaurant at the Trump hotel in D.C over then-candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexican illegal aliens. A suit and counter-suit between Andres and the Trump Organization was settled last year. Andres’ status as a hero of the ‘resistance’ was cemented when he got personally involved in feeding Hurricane Maria survivors in Puerto Rico. Andres’ private efforts were soon supported by FEMA contracts worth over $11 million that enabled Andres and his charity, World Central Kitchen, to make about 3 million fresh meals and sandwiches. That his efforts in Puerto Rico were mostly funded by the Trump administration made no difference to liberals consumed by Trump-hatred.

The post-Alfalfa Club dinner party was an annual affair for select invitees who attended the ultra-exclusive dinner earlier Saturday night at the Capital Hilton in Northwest D.C. Andres, who is friends with Cafe Milano owner Franco Nuschese, showed up without an invitation and was told he would not be allowed in even though he had attended the Alfalfa Club dinner.


An outraged Andres took a selfie while standing on the red carpet at the entrance to Cafe Milano and posted it to Twitter. He posted a message that berated Nuchese, blamed Ivanka Trump for the snub and tagged the Washington Post to ensure publicity, “Thank you @CafeMilanoDC Franco Nuschese! I was a guest of the #alfalfaclubdinner2018 “everyone”welcome to the after party, but I’m the only individual not allow in? Is because @IvankaTrump told you so? You should be ashamed of yourself [email protected]

A fomer Mexico ambassadot to China, Jorge Guajardo, claimed Andres was ejected from the party, “In a new low for Washington, yesterday @chefjoseandres was asked to leave the Alfalfa dinner after-party at @CafeMilanoDC by its owner, Franco Nuschesse, apparently because his presence made Ivanka Trump uncomfortable (Cafe Milano is the watering hole of the Trump Admin).”

Fellow celebrities supported Andres, including Anthony Bourdain who wrote, “Loathsome. A grotesque betrayal of a true patriot and hero”

Liberal activist John Aravosis called for a boycott, “Ivanka Trump had the hero of the Puerto Rico hurricane thrown out of posh DC restaurant Cafe Milano because he makes her “uncomfortable.” Time to boycott @CafeMilanoDC “

And of course a hashtag campaign got started: #BoycottCafeMilanoDC

Liberals are also trashing Cafe Milano on Yelp with page after page of scathing one star reviews that have dropped the overall rating to just two stars.


“Owner is some kind of weird Trump sycophant, would recommend avoiding this place. Food isn’t very good to begin with, there’s plenty of better restaurants to visit in DC. Try one of Jose Andre’s places.”

“I wouldn’t step foot in a restaurant that takes its marching orders from Ivanka Trump. HOW DARE YOU BAR ENTRY to the Alfalfa Club afterparty (“Everybody welcome”) to Chef Jose Andres, who is a certifiable American Hero. I am sure your “food” and “ambience” are as shitty as your attitude. Your front door should say “Only Trumpists and traitors to the USA are welcome here.”

“The management asked Chef Jose Andres to leave, following orders from Ivanka Trump (a.k.a. Kremlin Barbie). Franco… the best way to loose clients it’s being an authoritarian subordinate. Shame on you. May your restaurant rot in hell. I can only imagine how bad food is there.”

One embedded Yelp review for posterity:

Read Dustin B.‘s review of Cafe Milano on Yelp

The Washington Post reported Sunday afternoon that Andres was wrong: No, Ivanka Trump didn’t stop José Andrés from getting into a party. Here’s what really happened.

…(Alfalfa dinner after party at Cafe Milano) Invitations are non-transferable and not guaranteed.

But Andrés, who attended the dinner at the Hilton where he said he even chatted briefly with Ivanka, assumed he would get in because of an “unwritten rule” on the Washington party circuit: All after-parties are fair game.

“In Washington,” Andrés said in an interview, “when you have these parties, everybody knows if you have an after-party, you are going in.”

This particular after-party operated differently, however. According to Nuschese, who has hosted a post-Alfalfa dinner soiree at his restaurant for the past nine years, “not everyone gets invited.” The event is billed as a small affair of 150 boldfacers to avoid a mob scene.

After being denied entry into the party just before 11 p.m., Andrés, who by his own admission knew his name wasn’t on the list, was incredulous. Other guests were being allowed into the VIP shindig without having to flash an invite, he said. Andrés felt he was being left out of the fun unfairly and took to Twitter to make the injustice known.

That tweet, liked more than 22,000 times and retweeted more than 10,000 times prompted both Ivanka Trump and Nuschese to reach out to Andrés the next morning. Asked whether Trump’s presence at the party kept Andrés out, Nuschese replied, “Absolutely not.”

In fact, the Cafe Milano owner had been trying to reach Andrés on Sunday morning, as the tweets and likes racked up, but didn’t have the superstar chef’s direct number. The two finally spoke Sunday afternoon.

“I said, ‘José, it was just a private party, and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, and I’m sorry for the way that you feel,’ ” Nuschese recalled. After their chat, Andrés corrected the record via social media, tweeting in part, “Now let’s all be friends.” He also thanked Ivanka for “reaching out” and said he believed she had nothing to do with it. Andrés then suggested they work on immigration reform together.

“I am thankful for Jose’s clarification,” said Trump, who serves as an assistant to the president. “I had nothing to do with anything that transpired relating to him last night at the restaurant.”…

Andres and Nuchese went back and forth on Twitter Sunday afternoon reaching some sort of accordance.

@chefjoseandres, you are always welcome at @CafeMilanoDC when we are open and in fact, I will host you and toast to all your successes.I am sorry for the misunderstanding.Last night the restaurant was closed for a private Alfalfa Dinner after party….1/2 Of note, the dinner and after party are different guest lists. Also, Ivanka Trump had no role on determining event attendees. Franco 2/2″

“Thank you @CafeMilanoDC and Franco for the apology. I understand was a “misunderstanding”. Still hard to understand why I was the only person not allowed in! Please people of @washingtondc keep supporting a great resturant institution. Now let’s all be friends. #USAforward”

“Thank you @IvankaTrump for reaching out. I believe now that you personally had nothing to do. Let’s now work on what’s important: Immigration reform, where #DACADreamers and Undocumented citizens will become part of a strong USA. With secure borders. With economic growth.👍🏼”

“Let’s not confuse my trying to Be generous and move on, with anything else. What happened happened and I stand by my account. I’m ready to move on. @washingtonpost @CafeMilanoDC let’s talk #ImmigrationReform @realdonaldtrump #DACADreamers”

DISCLOSURE: This writer took Andres to task late Saturday night for his over-the-top melodramatic red carpet whining. Andres responded, as did several blue check mark verified accounts, causing a torrent of liberal abuse targeting me.

Other comments encouraged suicide, suffering and violence be visited upon me.

At least I don’t have a restaurant to be ruined by vindictive totalitarian liberals.

There was at least one voice of reason speaking out.

Thanks for that. And if you’re in Georgetown looking for bite to eat, pay a visit to Cafe Milano, located at 3251 Prospect St. just off Wisconsin Avenue between M and N Streets, NW.

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