REPORT: Journalists Bribe Ecuadorian Embassy Staff For Photo of Julian Assange — Without Success

Ecuador has granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange both diplomatic status and a passport for international travel. The move has prompted a frenzy of speculation concerning Assange’s potential future travel plans. Will the WikiLeaks founder soon leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the city of Quito? While it’s unclear what comes next for Assange, news organizations are doing whatever it takes — even offering bribes — for proof of his current whereabouts. 

Infowars reports:

Qualified intelligence sources have informed that international news organizations in London have been bribing without success employees of the Ecuadorian Embassy to get a photograph of Assange that would prove he is still in the embassy.


Despite this, experienced international observers doubt the British Government would arrest Assange in violation of the diplomatic immunity that comes with Ecuador’s decision, for an offense as trivial as having violated the terms of his house arrest for rape charges in Sweden that the government of Sweden has now dropped.

Assange recently tweeted a photo of himself donning the official Ecuadorian Marathon FEF soccer team jersey.


Reports of failed attempts to bribe Embassy officials comes amid speculation that either Assange or his next target could be potentially ‘out of time.’ The self-described Geopolitical analyst sparked speculation after adding an hourglass to his Twitter name. Infowars Editor-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson was one of the first to spot the new addition.

Watson tweeted, “Julian Assange has added a sand timer to his Twitter name. Tick tock?”

The tweet prompted debate as to what the hourglass could mean, ranging from another ‘doc dump,’ on Hillary Clinton to President Trump granting a pardon to Assange.

Assange has sparked much discussion as of late, firing off a cryptic tweet resembling a hash key before east coasters rang in the new year.

Assange tweeted a set of numbers and letters with a YouTube video of “Paper Planes” by singer M.IA.

The song has the lyric “If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name.”

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