REPORT: FBI Director Wray Threatened to Resign Amid Trump, Sessions Pressure to Fire Deep State Andrew McCabe

According to Axios, FBI Director Christopher Wray threatened to resign amid pressure from AG Sessions and President Trump to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Whose side is Christopher Wray on?? McCabe should have been fired a long time ago.

Axios reports:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions — at the public urging of President Donald Trump — has been pressuring FBI Director Christopher Wray to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but Wray threatened to resign if McCabe was removed, according to three sources with direct knowledge.

  • Sessions told White House Counsel Don McGahn about how upset Wray was about the pressure on him to fire McCabe, and McGahn told Sessions this issue wasn’t worth losing the FBI Director over, according to a source familiar with the situation.

According to the report, McCabe will remain at his post as the Deputy Director to avoid a media firestorm over another shakeup with top FBI brass.


President Trump previously went scorched earth on Andrew McCabe, accusing him of ‘racing the clock to retire with full benefits’.

Deep State FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is set to retire in March after a barrage of attacks for his corruption. He is retiring in time to receive full benefits.

McCabe is under a series of investigations and was involved in Hillary Clinton’s criminal email investigation, giving her the ‘HQ special’.

McCabe should be fired and brought to justice. It’s sickening to think he will receive a cushy taxpayer funded pension after what he has done to corrupt the FBI.

FBI Director Wray is in the hot seat right now after 6 months worth of Strzok-Page text messages conveniently went ‘missing’.

Rep. Ron DeSantis blasted Christopher Wray on Sunday and said, “FBI Director Wray needs to provide an explanation for why the FBI deleted six months’ worth of Strozk-Page text messages sent during the Trump transition and early months of the Trump presidency. Was evidence about the anti-Trump “insurance policy” deleted?”

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