Rep. Matt Gaetz: There’s been a “Criminal Conspiracy” To Undermine President – FISA Memo Could Be Released NEXT WEEK (Video)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined Lou Dobbs tonight to discuss the undermining of the American democracy by corrupted officials as the FBI and Department of Justice.

Rep. Gaetz told Lou Dobbs there was an ongoing “criminal conspiracy” to take out Trump.

Matt Gaetz: “I believe there has been a criminal conspiracy under way to discredit and undermine the duly elected President of the United States. You had a cabal of people who believe it was their job to deprive the American people of the president they elected. And we can’t just analyze these data points separately. It all tells a story together… That’s why it’s so important to release this information to all Americans and Lou I think it’s going to happen in the next two weeks. It may happen next week.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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