Rep DeSantis: DOJ, FBI Refuse to Answer Questions About Dossier Under Oath Yet Have No Problem Leaking to NY Times (VIDEO)

Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) appeared on Fox News’ ‘America Newsroom’ Tuesday morning to discuss the pathetic New York Times Papadopoulos-bombshell-turned-dud.

DeSantis said the DOJ and FBI refuse to answer questions about the dossier under oath to the House Judiciary Committee yet they have no problem leaking to the New York Times.

The corruption is astounding.

Rep Ron DeSantis ripped the New York Times article which claimed Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos sparked the Russian collusion investigation, not the dossier.

According to the New York Times, Papadopoulos got a little too drunk one night in a London pub when he revealed to an Australian diplomat the Russians have “political dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times article unraveled within hours of publication.

“I asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that very question under oath in front of the Judiciary Committee and he hemmed and hawed and would not answer the question. So it’s a little odd to me when the DOJ will not answer that but yet there are some people either in the FBI and DOJ who has no problem leaking that to the New York Times!” DeSantis said.

“That attempt strikes me as an attempt on some people in the agency to deflect from the dossier,” DeSantis continued.

The corruption is astounding.

In mid-December, Deputy AG Rosenstein admitted to Rep. Ron DeSantis whether he knew if the FBI paid for the garbage dossier, yet he smugly refused to answer the question.

First, Ron DeSantis asked Rosenstein, “The Russia investigation. Who started it? Who was the agent? Was it Strzok who started it? Who opened the case?”

Rosenstein fidgeted as he said, “That matter is under review by the Intelligence Committee and there is nothing that I can talk about publicly regarding the initiation of the investigation.”

Then DeSantis point blank asked rotten Rosenstein if the FBI paid for Hillary’s garbage dossier. Rosenstein smugly smiled and refused to answer the question.

Rosenstein should be removed from his post and prosecuted. The fact that the Justice Department and the FBI refuse to cooperate with Congress yet selectively leak tidbits of information to the press shows how dire things are.

Video via Fox News: