Putin’s Puppet: Author of Crackpot Anti-Trump Dossier Had Russians Construct the Document

It should be clear by now to anyone paying attention to the Mueller witch hunt, the Deep State leaks and lies, the anti-Trump dossier, the corrupt media hacks and hit pieces — That the US has never faced such a menacing threat from the shadow government and Deep State criminals.

Just this week we learned that the phony Russia Dossier was “unverified” and full of ridiculous claims but the Deep State used it to spy on the Trump campaign, the Trump business empire and the Trump Tower.

The phony dossier was used to obtain Trump FISA warrants.
Yet the Deep State knew it was all a lie.
The Deep State knew the DNC and Hillary Campaign funded it.

Now it looks like the Deep State actually had the Russians do the investigation and feed it to them.
So the Russians punked Fusion GPS and Deep State with a crackpot dossier.

Earlier this week we reported that another Fusion GPS expert lied to Congress about his work with the dossier.

This same Fusion GPS expert, edward Baumgartner, was meeting with Russian lawyer Velsenitskaya after she went to Trump Tower to see Donald Trump Jr.

And now we find out that Fusion GPS let Putin do the work on the anti-Trump dossier.

Paul Sperry
at The New York Post reported:

Virtually all of the credibility of the so-called Steele dossier — and the Trump-Russia collusion narrative and investigations it spawned — hinges on Christopher Steele’s vaunted reputation as a former British intelligence agent who spied on Moscow and still maintains a network of sources inside the Kremlin.

But now we are finding out from newly released transcripts that he never even set foot inside Russia to compile his dossier, and that he relied instead on an ex-journalist-turned-p.r. consultant to do much of his investigating there. In fact, this non-intelligence figure may be his main “Russian source” of information.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) asked Steele’s Clinton-paid handler Glenn Simpson, during the House Intelligence Committee’s Nov. 14 closed-door hearing, if Steele had gone “to Russia as part of this project,” to which Simpson replied, “No, sir.” Steele, at the time he compiled the dossier, hadn’t been back to Russia in 17 years.

So, Gowdy pressed, “How was he able to accumulate information in Russia if he didn’t go?” Simpson claimed that Steele ran a “network of subsources or subcontractors” who traveled around Russia and gathered information for him.

But it turns out the primary subcontractor worked not for Steele but for Simpson at Washington-based Fusion GPS, and he contributed key material for the investigation of Trump underwritten by the Clinton campaign. His name is Edward Baumgartner, a British national who speaks fluent Russian and runs a p.r. shop out of London (and who spent 2016 tweeting his forceful opposition to Trump’s candidacy).

While Baumgartner was working on the dossier, he was also working for Simpson on another case to smear an anti-Putin whistleblower in an effort to help Putin-tied company Prevezon defend itself against US charges of money laundering.

During that contract, which ran through October 2016, Baumgartner worked closely in Moscow with the Russian lawyer who lobbied Donald Trump Jr. at a now-infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 to help lift US sanctions on Russia. Her talking points were written by Simpson, who also dealt directly with the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

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